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About TverTrip

TverTrip is unique rally computer that has been successfully used in rally-raids, the trophy-raids, rallying and amateur competitions on road orientation. Experienced navigators appreciate our products for ease of use, high reliability and stability in harsh environments especially in Dakar, Silk Way Rally and the Africa Race.


Connecting TverTrip to the ABS sensors of Chrysler

120 KB Download

You can download instruction and select the user manual on news and models page


Additions service functions

Clear route tracking, easy correction of errors caused by slippage, correcting errors in the road books, adaptation to different tire pressure and calibration under any wheel size, monitoring of compliance with speed limits and average speed. This maximizes the navigator to work on any track and at any speed.


High build quality, well-thought technical implementation, ease of installation, high dust and moisture protection – the usage of leadthrough for wires output allows to seal the device for superextreme conditions of use at 100%.


Ergonomics - all operational functions are led to the "hot" button, brightness control is implemented for any light, any function activation at one touch is added- thanks to this it is possible to easily adjust the distance during the race and calibrate Tvertrip without spending extra time.

Regular updates

Hard work at the project allows us to release new versions corresponding to the increasing standards and demands of the professionals. TverTrip team does not plan to stop and will always help you in achieving the goal.

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